BDO Survey: Majority of middle market manufacturers recognize Industry 4.0 opportunity

Yet only 5% are ready to execute, BDO Benchmarking Survey finds.
BDO Survey

Original article by Josh Bond – as published in

Ninety-nine percent of middle market manufacturing executives today are at least moderately familiar with Industry 4.0, according to BDO’s Middle Market Industry 4.0 Benchmarking Survey.

But, although more than half (54%) have either developed or are in the process of developing an Industry 4.0 strategy, only 5% are currently implementing one. Another 25% plan to develop an Industry 4.0 strategy, but have yet to get started on it.

“Over time, Industry 4.0 will radically transform how manufacturers derive and deliver value,” said Eskander Yavar, Industry 4.0 co-leader and national leader of BDO’s Management & Technology Advisory Services. “But the window of opportunity is closing fast. Manufacturers who don’t invest in 2019 risk falling behind the curve. The middle market is no exception.”

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