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We believe that in our line of work, loyalty is being defined by the type of service we provide, as well as the strength and durability of our distribution strategy. That is a challenge we face every day. Fortunately, we thrive on challenges.

We are a family-owned independent company with headquarters in Athens, Greece. Since 1988, we have been operating in the field of freight forwarding and logistics (3pl). We bridge the gap between importing and exporting business, across the globe, in a reliable and effective way. Our strategic position helps us to do that. Our mission is to offer high quality services in B2B international freight forwarding. This is why we have an extensive and dynamic network of handpicked logistics agents who enable us to access a great number of countries on a Pan-European scale. It is how we keep expanding our business to reach even further.

Our specialization is in road freight groupage services. We transport a wide spectrum of business products. Their range extends from manufactured goods and textiles to industrial products and heavy-weight cargoes. We invest heavily in long term business collaborations, not only with our customers, but also with our employees who will personally look after your cargo.

We always go the extra mile and we always deliver.

We go above and beyond to assure we deliver even the smallest quantity to the most distant area. We follow property loss prevention policies to protect the cargo and employ long term, trusted employees. To offer even more efficient services at Canco, we constantly update our technology. Our intention is to satisfy even the most demanding of our clients.

We commit to work closely with people we trust. They are specialized to guarantee effectiveness in our services. We invest in them and they in us. This is the key to provide top-notch quality services. Not only we want our employees to meet our customer’s objectives. Fulfilling clients’ needs to the highest standard is just one side of the coin. We also want to ensure our people’s ongoing development. They are like family to us, truly invested in the company’s success. This commitment sets us apart, in every aspect of what we do.

You want more?

In our private facilities, we develop our logistics division. From there, we offer a wide range of services to specialized supply chains. Services that range from storage and order processing to picking and national distribution. Alongside with the support of business tools such as WMS and Fleet Management systems, we provide our clients with the necessary solutions that add value to their supply chain. Our clients know they are working with people who take care of their cargo and their business.

Our Vision

We are a part of a highly saturated, yet rapidly changing sector. In order to maintain and reinforce our position in the market, we make sure our services are impeccable.

Our business ethics define our company.

We rely on a strong value system that keeps us strong and keeps us together. It is our code and all our members stand by it. This is how we manage to expand our operations in so many countries. This is also how we made long-term collaborations with people from different cultural backgrounds. Our members are committed to contribute to the goals of our company. We all commit to work in a family atmosphere, respecting each other’s identity, and culture. This is our core set of values.

You first!

We obey to one simple rule: clients come first. Our services develop in order to adapt to the differentiated customers’ needs and fulfill them with accuracy. To move our clients’ freight in a secure and efficient way, we follow strict procedures and internal policies while transporting all kinds of loads. We initiate dialogue with our clients and work together. This partnership model enhances cooperation between people and promotes sustainable solutions.

Our promise is to both, our people and our clients. For our people, we make sure to procure a safe environment to learn, work and evolve. For our clients, we deliver not just goods, but a high level of services with integrity and punctuality.

Innovation and efficiency are indicative of our work. Understanding our clients’ needs is a key component of our business, while being proactive promotes effectiveness. At Canco, we make it our goal to provide our clients with quality, reliable and personalized services. We perform to the very best of our abilities, for the very best of their business.

What future holds

Our vision is to become the leading freight forwarding and logistics provider in the Greek market. So we evolve into a company which offers holistic services to specialized supply chains. As an agile company, we constantly move forward. With us your business will reach far, literary! In fact the whole of Europe will be at your fingertips. This is not a promise it is a fact.

Our History

We have a history of more than 30 years. This is a brief timeline of our journey and the key events that forged us as a company.


The Year of our Birth

On the 31st of March 1988, we started our operations by sending our first shipment of textiles from Athens to Porto. Portugal was our first market and we are still the leading freight forwarding provider


Expanding our Business

Until 2004, we had expanded our operations in 5 countries, consolidating daily shipments and operating round-trip trucks. During these years we had collaborated with some of the biggest customers in the market


New Home, Same Roots, More Space

We decided to move to our newly constructed facilities of 12.000 sqm in Avlonas, Athens, which host until now our modern warehouses and offices


New Markets, New Opportunities

We keep strengthening our presence in the global scene, by penetrating new markets, operating specialized products while cooperating with an enhanced and diversified clientele. We gaze our future with optimism and determination to succeed even more

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