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We think big. We get bigger.

We started as a small family business, operating in the field of freight forwarding and logistics since 1988. As we move through dynamic economies, our customers’ needs change constantly, so we change, we evolve. Now at Canco, we provide a wide spectrum of versatile and reliable freight forwarding and logistics solutions connecting Greece with the biggest European markets.

Staying true to our values and business ethics, we have created and maintained a powerful and dynamic network of partners, all over Europe. They are able to offer an extensive range of top-notch services with the necessary agility. While we follow the latest trends in technology of our sector, we rely heavily on our people. They are after all, the driving force to our success.

That’s what a family is all about! It is the unity of its members on achieving a common goal. And our goal is to deliver.

We care for your cargo; we care for your business.


Moving forward, innovating, improving


Teamwork makes the Dreamwork


What we do, we do well

Mission Statement

Delivering Excellence!

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. Therefore, everything we do, we do it with passion, integrity and honesty. These are values that lie in the heart of our business.

We are part of a constantly changing environment, governed by fierce competition that holds numerous challenges. Dynamic economies and technology have shifted the customers’ expectations towards an ever-growing demand for better, faster and more affordable freight forwarding and logistics services.

Our clients’ interests always come first. Our mission is to offer them not just simple services. What we offer is a complete freight forwarding and logistics experience on international scale. To assure that, we employ a wide spectrum of solutions. Their range extends from strategic planning and detailed warehouse management design, to order processing and tracking of shipments. All of these are integrated with ERP, Warehouse Management Systems and Fleet Management tools. These services are up to us so our clients can focus on what they can do best, expanding their business.

We aspire changes in our business, that have the potential to offer us the competitive advantage, empowering continuous improvement.

We are committed to constantly invest in technology, in order to increase efficiencies on our daily tasks. But most importantly, we invest in people. We select our co-workers one by one, making great efforts to identify and recruit the very best person for every job. It is they, who forge our company’s culture. They are devoted to us and we to them.

We always keep in mind that indivisible aspect of our aim is to enhance our customers’ experience. This is how we offer our clientele an innovative approach, our extensive experience and a partnership model that enables us to deliver impeccable freight forwarding, logistics and distribution solutions.

We gaze upon the future with optimism and work hard to become the top of mind choice for our clients. What drives us is the ambition to meet any demand, across differentiated and complex supply chains.

Our obligation is primarily to our customers and our people! Therefore we offer a working environment that cultivates growth, security and value.

Our mission is to deliver. This is our passion. And our passion is what sets us apart from others.

Our Services

Our operations are divided in the following divisions

International Forwarding
Weekly round-trip departures from Greece to European cities, with shipment tracking capabilities.
Logistics (3PL)
Warehouse management, Picking, Order processing, ERP, Track & Trace, Storage
National Distribution
Fast T/T, door-to-door consolidations, same day deliveries at intriguing prices.


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